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Teamo Information

Horsham Hockey Club has selected the Teamo app to provide members with a central club portal for information.

Teamo provides us with our own app and GDPR compliant communication platform that'll allow you to keep up to date with everything at the club. 
All club members will need to download and register on this app to join the club. For juniors this can be a parent.

To register for this season select the link below and follow the instructions:

Please register before your first training session.

Once you have registered, you will be able to download the app onto smart phones and tablets to keep up to date with all fixtures, training and social events, chat with team mates and coaches. 
Once you have registered, the club captain and team captains will allocate you to a team.

At the time of registering you do not have to pay membership fees immediately - but all membership subscriptions will be invoiced and paid through Teamo.

Existing Members - Yearly informaiton Update:
At the start of a new season you will have a  banner on your Dashboard saying "Membership Information Required". 
By clicking on this, you will be asked to  update your member information (e.g. Emergency Contact Details, Shirt Number, the Declarations etc.) and make your membership payment.  You do not need to re-register with teamo.

Thank you for helping to reduce the administration work our club volunteers have to do by using this app.

Horsham Hockey Club

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