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Horsham Ladies Section

The Ladies Section has 5 adult teams and one girls development team “the hotstars” that provides a great opportunity for our colts to use as a stepping stone into playing in the adult leagues.
Our Ladies currently train on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening.  We would welcome anyone to join our training nights.

Whether you aspire to play National league, are looking to return to hockey after a long break or are completely new to the sport, Horsham HC has a strong and experienced coaching team to ensure you develop and enjoy your time with the club.

CJ Nichols
Ladies Club Captain

Ladies 1s

League: National League Conf East 

1XI Coach : Craig Fruin

Captain : Hannah Simpson

Ladies' 1s 23-9-2023_edited.jpg

Ladies 2s

League: South East Div 1 West 

2XI Coach : Freddie Rainbow

Captain : Emily Pearcy 

Ladies' 2s 16-9-2023.JPG

Ladies 3s

League: South East Div 1 Martlets 

3XI Coach : Freddie Rainbow

Captain : Becky Heslop

Ladies' 3s 4-11-2023_edited_edited.jpg

Ladies 4s

League: South East Div 2 Martlets 

4XI Coach : 

Captain : Gina Fumagalli

Ladies' 4s 21-1-2023.JPG

Ladies 5s

League: South East Div 3 Martlets 

5XI Coach : 

Captain : Angela Marshall/Laura Dalchow


Ladies Hotstars 

League: Sussex Development League

5XI Coach : Matt Hammond

Manager : Philippa Ewell

SE Womens Leagues
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