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Horsham HC Safeguarding and Protecting Young people Policy  

Horsham Hockey Club believes that all young people have the right to be safe and enjoy their involvement in hockey. We accept a responsibility to promote the welfare of young people and protect them from harm. A young person is defined as a child that has not reached their 18th birthday.  



  1. This Policy has been produced to promote the welfare of young people and protect them from harm. The Policy sets out the commitments made by Horsham Hockey Club and England Hockey with regard to safeguarding young people and certain general principles and specific guidance that should be followed. 

  2. We should also be aware of, and ensure compliance with other relevant good practice guidance relating to young people, including:  

    • the recruitment of persons working with young people, including the use of Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks in recruitment and employment  

    • anti-bullying  

    • taking and the use of photographic and recorded  images of young people.  

    • communication with and supervision of young people  

    • social media guidance  

    • planning events, competitions, tours  


The following general principles regarding safeguarding and protecting young people will be applied:  

  1. The safety and welfare of young people is paramount.  

  2. The views and opinions of young people are sought, considered and integrated into all aspects of hockey.  

  3. All young people, regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, race (including ethnic origin, nationality and colour), religion or belief, sex (gender) and sexual orientation have the right to be protected from harm.  

  4. It is recognised that some young people have additional vulnerability, which may be due to disability, language, sexual orientation, culture or for the fact that they perform in an elite environment.  

  5. The rights, dignity and worth of all young people should always be respected.  



  Horsham Hockey Clubs Welfare Office will have knowledge of the following: 

  1. Knowledge of the EHB’s ‘Proud to Protect’ Child Welfare Policy & Procedures  

  2. Knowledge of core legislation, government guidance and national framework for child protection  

  3. Basic knowledge of roles and responsibilities of local statutory agencies (social services, police and Area Child Protection Committees) 

  4. awareness of equalities issues and child protection. 

  5. EHB’s and the club’s role and responsibilities to safeguard the welfare of children and young people and the boundaries of the club welfare officer role  

  6. Horsham Hockey Club will adopt England Hockey’s Safeguarding Policy and associated guidance 

  7.  Horsham Hockey Club will have at least one named Welfare Officer, whose contact details are easily accessible to all club members and who has attended a ‘Time to Listen’ safeguarding workshop. 

  8. Horsham Hockey Club will follow England Hockey’s recruitment guidance by ensuring that their club/association is registered on England Hockey’s DBS system  

  9. Horsham Hockey Club will ensure that all coaches/ individuals who work regularly with young people have appropriate safeguarding training.  

  10. Horsham Hockey Club will understand and follow England Hockey’s reporting procedures and disseminate this information to their members. Provide an environment that is positive, safe, engaging and inclusive. The welfare and wellbeing of young people must be paramount.  

  11. Horsham Hockey Club understand that safeguarding young people is everyone’s responsibility, not just the Welfare Officer. 



  1. As the national governing body, England Hockey will publicise and promote within hockey its Safeguarding Policy, we will also support affiliated clubs and associations within The Hockey Family in adopting and implementing their own policies. This support will include producing template policies and procedures and good practice guidance and by providing access to training and education opportunities. 

  2. England Hockey is also committed to directly challenging conduct within The Hockey Family that is, or may be, harmful to young people. England Hockey will take action against any person or organisation within its jurisdiction whose conduct is found to have harmed a young person in hockey or whose conduct (within or outside hockey) poses or may pose a risk of harm to young people in hockey. England Hockey may also refer matters back to a club, county or regional association, league or other relevant organisations, with advice and support as appropriate, for resolution where appropriate.  




Any queries on child welfare should be direct to Horsham Hockey Club Welfare Officer. Details on who the current Child Welfare Officer can be found on the club website. 


England Hockey Safeguarding can be found: SafeGuard | England Hockey 


For any concerns, England Hockey can be contacted at: 

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