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Covid- 19 update - 19th Oct 2021 

The 2021/22 season is back on in full but we will be retaining our track and trace requirement for all players at training and matches and asking you to follow sensible precaution to check yourself for symptoms before attending sessions or matches.


We are seeing an increase in cases within our Junior U18 members so we ask you all to assist by following the full Covid guidance below.

Many thanks 

Chris Poland 


Horsham Hockey Club

Covid Officer

Tom Surridge

Email : 

Covid- 19 - Registration and track and trace  - Updated 19th October 2021

Horsham Hockey Club will continue to follow the England Hockey and UK Government guidelines to achieve a safe return to play.


Before you attend training or any Horsham match check In on Teamo (TeamoSafe) to confirm you have completed that days Covid declaration saying you are symptom free? You can do this by using a mobile phone to scan a QR code at each venue.


This also applies to any guest/spectators as well, and if you have forgotten your phone, you can ask anyone else to use their mobile device to scan the pitch side QR code and add your details.


This data is retained in case a positve test in another player is registered. In the event of this being positve via a PCR test, and the information requested by the central NHS track and trace team.


You must therefore have signed in and logged your attendance at site. This means in the event of a positive Covid-19 test, we can alert people who may be at risk.

If you have any further questions or develop symptoms, first use the NHS 111 symptom checker, then contact our Covid Officer below. 

Before you Play or Train

  • You should self check for symptoms beforehand

  • If in doubt use the NHS Codiv Sympton checker at

  • Training - You must sign into every training session using our TEAMO track and trace software

  • Matches - You must sign in using TEAMO track and trace software for both home and away games

  • All information above is monitored by our Covid officer and submitted to England Hockey weekly

Must do for Coaches, Managers, Captains 

  • Remind all attendees to sign in wih TEAMO

  • Remind all attendees to socially distance

  • No spitting on the pitch

  • Only use permitted toilet facilites and areas to warm up at Schools and club locations

  • Keep all activity consistent with government guidance following health, travel, hygiene and social distancing at all times.

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